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Managing disruptive behavior

If a student is being disruptive in my class while I am teaching I may start by possibly just saying their name while talking to get...

Classroom Rules

Of course when students walk in on the first day I will already have some rules written down but I would also like my students to help...

Style of my classroom.

In my classroom students will automatically walk in and feel a sense of positivity. My classroom will be very inviting to students....

How to have a successful classroom

In order to be successful while having a diverse classroom you must find ways to reach each student. Every student is different so you...

Diversity in School

"A person's a person no matter how small" - Dr. Seuss Have you ever met a person who is truly the same as you? You may have things in...

Getting to Ms. Horton

Hello, My name is Ms. Horton. I am so excited to be teaching. Teaching has always been my passion. I can remember from a young age...

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