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Developmental Beliefs/ Famous Theorists

I believe we as adults play a major role in shaping our children into the way they are. We must help them starting at young ages. As parents we start by helping them find their personality. We teach them manners, how to be sweet by sharing with others. We help guide them with how they interact with others. As a toddler the child is going to watch what you do and repeat your actions. As an adult we must use this in ways to how the child grow. As children reach elementary age they are beginning to take instruction as they grow. As they ask questions we should answer them honestly so they can learn and grow from them. They also grow from experience we should make everything they experience an educational one. Find ways to help make it a teaching opportunity. As my students receive good grades I will praise them. This makes them want to continue to do well. If they receive a bad grade I will encourage them and right a note awarding them of what they did get right as well. This will urge them to want to try harder and become better as well. If we guide them along the way these students will become the children they are meant to be.

In my classroom I want to encourage my students while teaching. I want to find ways to reward them so they will get excited to keep learning. As we go on I will find things they are interested in to help reward them. For example: If your student loves to play board games I will give them free time to play with their friends if they work hard to get their work done or even implicate a game like monopoly in when we are learning in math. This shows the students I am interested in what they like and we will also gain a healthy teacher-student relationship.

Vygotsky, a psychologist, believed that "through others we become ourselves". Our personalities are shaped on how and who we interact with. "Children are introduced to a culture's major psychological tools through social interactions with their parents and later through more formal interactions with classroom teachers." (Snowman, McCown). Vygotsky believed that children gain significantly from the knowledge that we as adults pass down to them.

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