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How to have a successful classroom

In order to be successful while having a diverse classroom you must find ways to reach each student. Every student is different so you must find a way to accommodate to their learning abilities while also finding ways to help make learning enjoyable. Some students are fast learners while it may take others a little bit longer to understand. A good way for students to learn without loosing interest is by learning in groups. If a student understands quicker they can help with the students in the group that may not understand as fast. They work together to get the work done. At times kids even understand better if it is explained by some one their own age then an adult. This also gives the teacher an opportunity to walk around and observe the students while they are working but also gives them the opportunity to help a group that is in need while everyone is working.

Small groups are also perfect to help give students one on one time they may need. Some students that have a learning or behavior disability may need this time with the teacher to truly understand the material. The group may need to go a little bit more deeper into the subject or may just need a little bit more practice to understand the subjects.

(Snowman p.155, 215)

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