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Managing disruptive behavior

If a student is being disruptive in my class while I am teaching I may start by possibly just saying their name while talking to get their attention and direct it back to our lesson. This shows the student that I am aware of what they are doing. If the student continues I will then pause the lesson and say "their name and please pay attention". If the student still continues I will remind them of the consequences if they continue to misbehave like taking recess time away or a ticket from them for not paying attention. If a student is very disruptive and does not listen to my warnings I will then pull the student after the lesson and tell them I will be sending a note to their parent stating that they were not having a good day and telling the situation. I will also remind the student that can still change the outcome of the day and explain that when they disrupt they are taking opportunities from the other students to truly understand the lesson. This gives a student the opportunity to try and change so they still have a good day. As the student goes back to working I will then find a way to praise them for good work. This shows the student that I am still proud and happy they are doing well.

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